An opportune moment to promote your referral program is immediately after a customer makes a purchase on your site. The customer is present, you’ve got their attention, and they’re excited about their new purchase, so it’s an ideal time to prompt them to share that positivity with their friends.

This moment is often referred to as post-purchase, and in addition to being a great opportunity to present the widget, it also allows the widget to record your customers' order information and track transactional conversions. This information can be used for tracking influencer goals as well as a means of rewarding them later on with a refund on their purchase.

The process to get the widget on the order confirmation page might vary a bit depending on where you’re installing ICS, but here are instructions for the most common ones:

Shopify Order Status Page

Shopify’s checkout page and order status page are some of the few reserved pages that don’t allow for full theme customization, so including the widget here requires an extra step beyond the regular installation

  1. Access the admin of your Shopify site and click Settings

  2. In Settings, navigate to the Checkout section

  3. Scroll to the section near the bottom of the page called Additional scripts

  4. Paste following script into the Order status page text area and Save (Making sure to replace the publicKeyand campaignID with your own)

    window.onIcsLoaded = function() {
        version: 'latest',
        publicKey: 'replace this with your public key',
        campaignId: 'replace this with your campaign id',
        data: {
          accountId: '{{}}',
          email: '{{}}',
            name: '{{checkout.customer.first_name}} {{checkout.customer.last_name}}',
          phoneNumber: '{{}}',
            orderId: '{{checkout.order_number}}',
            revenue: '{{order.subtotal_price | money_without_currency}}',
            transactionId: '{{transactions[0].receipt.transaction_id}}'
        variables: {},
        theme: {},
        behavior: {
            type: 'referral',
            flavor: 'modal',
            openByDefault: true,

<script async defer crossorigin="anonymous" src="" />

Now the widget will load with the specified campaign on the order confirmation page after a customer makes a purchase

TicketSocket Premiere

TicketSocket Premiere includes the ICS integration and is optimized for post-purchase campaigns already, only a few steps are needed to activate it:

  1. Access the admin of your TicketSocket Premiere site

  2. From the left sidebar, navigate to the Integrations section and Marketplace

  3. From the Marketplace list, select or search for Ice Cream Social

  4. From the Ice Cream Social settings, enter your client key and your campaign id, enable the integration, configure any other settings as desired then Save