When an influencer reaches their goal, you'll receive an email containing a link to that influencer in the admin dashboard where you can issue their reward. Rewarding influencers in a timely and efficient manner is crucial for maintaining long-term relationships and motivating them for ongoing and future engagement. This guide outlines the steps you need to take to issue these rewards.

Steps to Reward an Influencer

  1. Log In and Access Your Campaign: Open your ICS admin dashboard and navigate to the campaign where the influencer has reached their goal
  2. Filter by Reward Eligibility: On the "Influencers" table, set the "Reward Eligibility" filter to "Eligible" to easily find all influencers who have earned a reward
  3. Initiate Reward Influencer Flow: You have two options here: you can either open up the influencer's details modal and click "Process" from the banner, or click "Process" directly on the table
  4. Follow the Prompts: Once you click "Process," a set of prompts will appear, guiding you through the reward issuing process
  5. Review and Issue the Reward: After confirming the details of the reward to be issued, click on "Send Rewards"

Things to Consider

  • An email will be sent to both you and the influencer once they become eligible for a reward
  • The influencer will receive another email detailing their reward and, when applicable, how to redeem it
  • If the reward is a refund to the original payment method, it may take several days to process
  • A record of all issued rewards can be found under "Reports > Rewards" in the admin dashboard

Issuing rewards in a timely manner to eligible influencers is not just a best practice but a crucial step for the effectiveness of your referral campaign by motivating future participation.