With Google Analytics running in tandem alongside an Ice Cream Social widget on your site, you can utilize the UTM parameters on ICS referral links to narrow your site traffic to a detailed snapshot of the visitors ICS is bringing in.

Generating reports like this through Google Analytics using UTMs gives great visibility into influencer traffic trends and behavior, insights that can help measure and optimize your campaign performance. 

Keep in mind, this functionality only works with the V2 version of the widget, as the Legacy widget uses different tracking methods.

Source Report

The source UTM indicates where a potential lead arrived from. By filtering the Source report you can get a quick idea of the traffic ICS is bringing to your site. 

In your Google Analytics dashboard, visit Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels and narrow the source to just ice_cream_social.  Any visitor with this source was brought to your site by your ICS campaign.

Custom Report

To run a more detailed report using UTM values, head to the Acquisition and then Traffic Acquisition in your Google Analytics account. 

On this table, you’ll be able to see your sites incoming traffic and you can select one or more UTM parameters to filter by. Specifying the appropriate ICS UTM values will let you narrow the list down to traffic acquisition by specific criteria. 

If you were, for example, interested in how much traffic was coming to your site specifically from Ice Cream Social emails, your filters would include: 

  • source: ice_cream_social

  • medium: ics_conversion_email

Here’s a full list of the UTM parameters and values that ICS uses that you can use to filter by in Google Analytics.