Ice Cream Social sends out a handful of different email notifications to influencers, invitees and admins triggered from various activities, like when campaign milestones are reached. 

Here's an overview of what notifications are sent:


Influencer Welcome Sent to an influencer upon creation, this email includes campaign details, an influencer's personal share link and a link to the share widget so it can be revisited

Friend Invitation
Sent to an influencer's friends when using the email share method, this email comes directly from the influencer and encourages friends to check out your site and participate

Friend Invitation ReminderFriend Invitations are re-sent 3 more times, each a week apart, to remind the friend of the invitation and re-engage them

New ConversionSent to an influencer when an invited friend converts, this email keeps the influencer updated about their campaign goal progress

Goal ReachedSent to an influencer when they reach their campaign goal to let them know they're eligible for a reward

Reward IssuedSent to an influencer when their reward has been processed. If a Reward Processor is used to issue rewards, reward value and any redemption information is also included.

Conversion Deleted
Sent to an influencer when a conversion is removed from their progress by an admin, this is usually due to an order cancellation, duplicate or suspected fraud

Admin Goal Reached NoticeSent to campaign administrators to notify them an influencer has reached their goal there's a pending reward eligible to be processed