The Dashboard section of your Ice Cream Social account houses some helpful metrics for the effectiveness of your campaign(s). There's a quick Daily Stats export available at the top of the page – as well as some data filters which let you adjust search criteria to better focus the data you'd like represented in the dashboard.

ICS has six tracked metrics that are shown on the client dashboard.

A Breakdown of Terms

A Conversion is counted when an invited individual clicks on an ICS invite link and then makes a qualifying action (usually a purchase) of the campaign that triggers a conversion. This conversion is counted for the influencer who sent out the invite link.

An Invite Clicked is counted when an invited individual clicks on an ICS invite link and then gets redirected to the campaign’s redirect url.

A Created Influencer is counted when the ICS script is initialized and an influencer is created using the provided information from the script. Influencers are naturally created when an individual makes a qualifying action (a purchase, a sign up, participates, or even via pageview).

Revenue is the combined revenue generated by conversions.

A Utilized Influencer is counted when a created influencer has at least one clicked invite. Utilized influencer is a valuable metric in that it shows how many of the created influencers are resulting in an inflow of potential influencers (or customers).

Utilization Rate is calculated as the following:

utilized influencers / created influencers * 100%

This metric shows the proportion of utilized influencers to created influencers. A high rate of utilization means that the created influencers are inviting others and those invited users are compelled to follow the link.