To get the most out of your ICS integration, we've identified some key spots where we recommend showing or referencing your campaign to customers. Many of these can and should be used in conjunction to provide a boost to customer activity and engagement.

Checkout Confirmation Page

Add Ice Cream Social to your checkout to allow your customers to participate, invite and share with their friends when they complete their orders

Click on the integration link below that matches the eCommerce platform your company uses. The following eCommerce platforms have drag-and-drop scripts or plugins that you can use to be live within minutes.

Stand-Alone Page

Create a stand-alone referral page where you can embed Ice Cream Social for all customers to use

Follow these instructions to create a page on your Content Management Website to make a new page called "Referral Program"

Order Confirmation / Receipt Emails

Add your offer to your confirmation receipts and link up your new 'Referral Program' page

Once your offer is created, make sure to add your offer text to your receipt confirmations and hyperlink it or add a button back to your referral program page

For example:

Give $10 Off - Get a $25 Gift Card

Give $10 off to your friends - Get a $25 Gift Card when they get 3 friends to buy.

Pro Tip: Make sure to download your "Invites" emails monthly and add them to your email newsletter(s) you send and make sure to add a link and your "Referral Program" page just like you did in your confirmation emails to maximize influencer invites and impact.

Check out our receipt template guide here for more help

Landing and Product Pages

To keep visibility high we recommend utilizing a promotional banner or a link tab that links to your standalone page. Edit and implement a completely inline link tab here.

Review Software Platform

Have customers see Ice Cream Social when reaching out for product or experience reviews. This can be achieved with a customizable email banner or via a plethora of other configurations. 

Reach out to our onboarding staff for any help that you may need in incorporating your referral campaign into your review software.